We are now offering maskless workouts for individuals who provide proof of vaccination. Read more about our safety protocols.

State-of-the-art safety measures to keep you safe and healthy

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For maskless access to our studio, visitors must show proof of vaccination via vax card, photo of vax card or Excelsior Pass. If you prefer to wear a mask, we have them available for you.

Air Purification

We have installed NYS-prescribed MERV-13 air filters and Bipolar Ionization technology which releases charged atoms that attach to and deactivate harmful substances like bacteria, mold, allergens, and viruses.


We have allocated 25 minutes between each class to deep clean the studio with all-natural products.

Sanitizing Stations

Touchland Kub sanitizing stations are prominently featured throughout the facility for easy access.

Showers & Restrooms

We have three showers fully stocked with all-natural products.