Your safety is our our top priority. Read more about how we protect our visitors and our team

State-of-the-art safety measures to keep you safe and healthy

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Social Distancing

We have arranged the studio such that 6 ft social distance is maintained at all times. Throughout our facility you will notice floor markers to assist as a reminder to maintain distance.


All visitors and staff must wear a face covering at all times. If you would like a more breathable surgical mask, we are happy to provide you with one.

Temperature Checks

Upon entering the facility, our front desk associates will administer mandatory temperature checks for all staff and visitors. If someone is over the CDC-dictated temperature limit, they will be refunded their class and asked to leave.

Air Purification

We have installed NYS-prescribed MERV-13 air filters and Bipolar Ionization technology which releases charged atoms that attach to and deactivate harmful substances like bacteria, mold, allergens, and viruses.


We have allocated 25 minutes between each class to deep clean the studio with Electrostatic Sprayers.

Sanitizing Stations

Touchland Kub sanitizing stations are prominently featured throughout the facility for easy access.

Showers & Restrooms

Showers are available for use and will be deep cleaned after each use. Restrooms will be cleaned and disinfected every 30 minutes throughout the day.